Welcome to my blog!

I am a 40 something father of two, who is traveling the world with my family from one work assignment to the next. I am a keen photographer and observer of my surroundings. I am continuously pushing myself to learn new skills and deepen my understanding of the world. I have a constant thirst for knowledge and personal improvement. As well as writing this blog I am a writer on the website I Am a Triangle:

I Am a Triangle

I truly believe that I will be “Learning Till I Die”

—–Latest News—–

I have created a new page following a trip to Cambodia – where I was a chaperone of a group of students from an international school in Tokyo. This new page holds links to posts on this experience.

Chaperone in Cambodia

I have a “sister” website to this one that showcases my developing skill as a photographer. The Link to this site is:


—–Latest News—–

I started this blog to give myself a place to publish the results of my investigations and thoughts. My mind is continually making new links between the information that I gather – sometimes while I am writing a new post.

My posts are as diverse as I am.

Dyslexia is a strong part of my identify. Dyslexia has made me strong and unique.

The Fire Jump

First and foremost I want my posts to be fun. They will be little windows into my soul. I hope you will find them educational, and maybe even thought provoking or inspiring from time to time.

You should find something of interest each time you stop by.

Life is a journey and we should always be a work in progress.

This Expat Life

Where will your life take you?

Join me on my expat journey: This Expat Life

Personal Development

Keep Developing

I will always be a work in progress: My Journey through Personal Development

Find your Creativity

Being Creative

Develop your own creativity in whatever form that takes: Creativity Posts

My Personal Favourites


We all have our favourites: Here are mine

If you don’t know where to start then why not just spend some time browsing:

I will add more sections to my blog over the coming weeks, as time allows.

Please note that all images on this blog are taken from Pixabay unless otherwise stated. I retain the copyright to all of my own images that I use.


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